Breakthrough Parenting

For more than 25 years, we have helped families from all backgrounds achieve what they described as solid breakthroughs.

We put in more than 20,000 hours of development to create a truly comprehensive program to help parents understand how children think, how they function at different ages, and how to get effective discipline through teaching what to do, as opposed to what not to do. All of this with no manipulation and no violence.

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Would you like to move your family from struggle to cooperation?
Here's what one parent said about the award-winning
Breakthrough Parenting® program:

"I had power struggles with my six year-old son on a daily basis, these have now been completely eliminated. Your techniques allow for a child’s individuality to shine through, in addition to the discipline necessary to give them the skills to learn and to develop good values. Breakthrough Parenting has made an incredible difference in my life!"

~Ms. Mindy Dadon, parent, Los Angeles, Calif.                     

The Culver City, California PTA (Parents & Teachers Association) won the California State PTA highest award for their Breakthrough Parenting program. 

Family court judges in one of the largest counties in the State of Washington now specify in court orders for parents that they "...must take parenting classes such as Breakthrough Parenting.”    Over several years these judges have seen the huge benefits of these classes for both parents and children.

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Are you going through a divorce custody issues?
Learn here how to solve custody problems at a fraction of the sadly typical financial and emotional cost.

We have 25 years of experience with divorce custody cases and know a LOT about what helps parents.

"The techniques I learnt from Breakthrough Parenting made a definite impression on the court-appointed custody evaluator."

~Jim Ward, parent, Los Angeles, Calif.

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Would you like to be trained to become a Certified Breakthrough Parenting® Instructor anywhere in the U.S. or overseas?

Professionals at agencies, hospitals, family ministries, and in private practice  across the U.S., Canada and overseas have set up exceptionally successful parenting programs with help from our comprehensive training program.

With more than 30,000 hours put into the development of the key materials used for this program, this is the most comprehensive and up-to-date parenting program today.

This program contains no fluff or "pop psychology,"  it is simply based on solid research and experience with many thousands of families.

Every part of this program has shown its value to trained professionals across the U.S., working with parents of all educational and socioeconomic backgrounds.

All materials are as clear as we could make them, and the program is designed let you help parents take action immediately, without having to digest large amounts of information.

The very high quality classroom materials (available in English and Spanish) help instructors get the attention of stressed parents.

Even many very jaded family professionals have called this program "life changing!"

Most of the instructors that we have trained were previously using other parenting programs.

They mixed bits and pieces from several different programs in order to try to come up with a complete program to help today's parents, but still got questions that weren't covered in their materials.

The Breakthrough Parenting training curriculum is complete. It covers all that parents need to know about raising kids to be successful, while they grow up and afterwards when they have to go out on their own as responsible adults in society.

Parents learn how to "reach" teenagers so that communication is possible about anything that comes up. You may have noticed that you can't really tell teens (or, increasingly also  "tweens") anything, so you have to make them want to communicate with you, and we show you how.

Breakthrough Parenting gives you a genuine understanding of how children function, not just "tips on parenting".

Family court judges in one of the largest counties in Washington state now state in their court orders for parents that they, "...must take parenting classes such as Breakthrough Parenting." Why do they mention Breakthrough Parenting specifically? Because they have seen the huge benefit of these classes for parents and their children.

You do not have to be an MFT or LCSW to take this training.  Our many successful graduates have been teachers, day care providers, family ministry staff, domestic violence case managers and workers, psychologists, nurses, drug rehabilitation professionals, human resource professionals, and more categories.

What is important is that you have experience working with a public audience. We can teach you the rest in the most efficient professional training program available today.

Currently Breakthrough Parenting Instructor Training is offered only in a Live Interactive Webinar format or a Professional Self Study Program with Master Coaching that provides professional training and certification without needing Broadband Internet access.

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